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Awakening : Reflection On Self-Portraiture And Creativity | Feature Article

Egg tempera master fine artist Elena Vladimir Baranoff shines a spotlight on artistry and inspiration in her feature article “Awakening”: Reflection on Self-Portraiture and Creativity”, seen in Realism Today, a leading publication celebrating American artists trained in traditional methods.

“Self-portraiture presents a unique occasion for a painter to immerse oneself in a moving exploration of identity and inspiration. Created in 2017 in the ancient medium of genuine egg tempera, so rarely practiced by fine artists in our modern age, “Awakening” is the first self-portrait in my professional artistic life, presenting a personal point of view as a modern day artist.”

Awakening (A Self-Portrait) By Elena Vladimir Baranoff - Egg Tempera On Board - Copyright Elena Vladimir Baranoff


Selected Excerpts

“Being a fine art painter, who envisions and originates artwork on themes of fairy tales, legends, myths, in «Awakening» I depicted myself in the enthralling process of composing an auteur painting inspired by Charles Perrault’s “Sleeping Beauty”….

The beginning point of every work of art, its heart, is the idea. When an idea is born, a genuine artist visualizes the future artwork in the imagination and knows its complete look.

From there the creator just needs to materialize the idea and show it to the world. The richer the imagination of the artist, stronger the talent, masterly the skills, the more captivating and moving an artwork is….

In music, when we hear a certain combination of notes, tempo and tonality, we can become wistful, even cry, or experience euphoria and bliss. Just so, in art, through color and its endless variety of combinations, a painter can communicate a wide-ranging gamut of feelings.

I aim to give my paintings soul and depth. To capture emotions and have an artwork, in all its intensity, resonate with viewers, stirring up reaction and conversation….

Each artwork possesses a sense of rhythm, dynamic, balance and lyricism, communicated through the finest details, reaching harmony in the composition itself, its color formula and emotional vibrancy….”

Read the full feature article AWAKENING: REFLECTION ON SELF-PORTRAITURE AND CREATIVITY by Elena Vladimir Baranoff, in Realism Today |, a leading publication celebrating American artists trained in traditional methods.




THE GOLDEN ROOSTER | Fairy Tale Fine Art Print


THE MAGIC FLUTE | Opera Fine Art Print 


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